Syphilis Changing Its Genes Is the Reason for the Continuous Spread of the Infection Throughout the Years

Syphilis Almost Eliminated Everywhere Except In Africa Image

It was 1905 when the bacteria, Treponema pallidum, responsible for causing syphilis, was first identified. It took 38 years for an effective treatment to be found, that is, once penicillin was discovered. Since then, syphilis, being of the common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), has affected people all around the world.  In 2016, in the United … Read more

A Noticeable Increase in New Syphilis Cases Has Been Reported in the US

A Noticeable Increase in New Syphilis Cases Has Been Reported in the US Image

Syphilis is one of the common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) caused by a bacteria called Treponema pallidum. Easily transmitted through having unprotected sexual intercourse, including oral, vaginal, and anal sex, syphilis has managed to affect millions of people globally. The first symptom of the syphilis cases all seems to be a small, painless sore which … Read more

Syphilis Almost Eliminated Everywhere Except In Africa

Syphilis Almost Eliminated Everywhere Except In Africa Image

Syphilis – the once dangerous sexually transmitted disease (STD) has been efficiently treated, and the risk of its complications reduced with the discovery of penicillin. Although easily being transmitted through having unprotected oral, vaginal, or anal sexual intercourse, the symptoms of the syphilis infection have been efficiently treated within a matter of weeks with the … Read more

Syphilis Through the Ages: The Origins, Types of Treatment, and Impact of the Disease

Syphilis, through the ages, was one of the most stigmatized diseases in history. This infection caused countries to blame their neighbors for the outbreak. The United Kingdom blamed the French for the infection; the French believed the Neapolitans were to blame, while the German called it a “Polish disease.” The accusations often shifted from one … Read more

Information about the rapid test for syphilis

Syphilis was very common in the past, but in recent times, the incidence of the disease decreased gradually in the general population. Man, however, has seen an overall increase in recent years in people with immigrant backgrounds, Norwegian men who have heterosexual sex with women or men outside Europe, and in environments where men have … Read more

Modern Treatment of Syphilis with Antibiotics

Syphilis is a dangerous disease, and if left to develop without treatment, it can lead to serious complications. However, it still remains one of those bacterial infections that is most easily treated. With various advancements in medicine, doctors continue to discover different methods of treating Syphilis. For instance, Mercury was used as a treatment method … Read more

Signs and Symptoms of Syphilis

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that develops in different stages. In later stages, it causes a wide variety of different symptoms, which might give the impression that it is a different disease. The early stages of the disease, however, causes more distinctive symptoms. The stages of syphilis are: Primary stage Secondary stage Latent (hidden) stage Tertiary (late) stage … Read more


Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by Treponema pallidum bacteria. This STD is relatively rare among heterosexuals, but occurs much more frequently among gays, and people with backgrounds of countries outside of Europe. It is very important to treat the disease as soon as possible after diagnosis. Treatment is usually with antibiotics. If untreated, syphilis might eventually cause … Read more