Information about test kit for gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium nesseria gonorrhoeae, better known as gonococcal, which is transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse or from mother to child during birth. This bacterium causes disease by attacking the mucous membranes along the genitals, and can also infect other parts of the body that are involved in sexual contact, as, for example, mouth, throat, anus and rectum. A gonococcal infection can in many cases provide a very severe reaction with pus within seven days after the time of infection, but in many, especially women, the disease can develop over a long time without giving any kind of symptoms or complaints. Despite the fact that gonorrhea not always produce symptoms, the bacterium will always leave distinctive mark in the form of “gonorespesifikke surface antigens”. These molecules are specific for gonorrhea, and these can be detected by a test kit for gonorrhea.

Running a gonoretest home?

It is incredibly easy to perform a test kit for gonorrhea, and the whole procedure takes less than 15 minutes. The only thing one needs to do is to drip a few drops of buffer solution A into test tube, and then, you add the sample material. The principles behind sampling is somewhat different between the sexes, but beyond that the principles of test for gonorrhea in men and women the same.

Specimen collection for women who perform a rapid test for gonorrhea:

The first thing one does is to cause the swab into the vagina where one rotates it around for a few seconds before taking it out, but remember to be careful so that the swab does not come into contact with other surfaces. since contamination may give incorrect results. Finally immerse the swab into a test tube with bøfferløsning A, where it is stirred vigorously in a few seconds and then taken out and discarded.

Specimen collection for men who perform a test kit gonorrhea:

The swab is inserted into the urinary tract opening and rotated good round in a few seconds. This is undoubtedly an unpleasant part of the test procedure in men, but it is important to use enough power for a long enough time, as it must have a certain amount of sample material for the sample to give a reliable result. It is the last one does is to cause the swab into the test tube with buffer solution A, where the twist vigorously in 5 seconds.

The last part of the test procedure for self gonorrhea are similar in men and women:

The last thing one does is to add a few drops of buffer solution B in the test tube, and then close one lid, and shake the container well for 20 seconds before leads mixture into the test cassette. Now it’s just waiting about 15 minutes on the result, as one read by looking at the lines formed on the test cartridge. Two lines indicate a positive test and infection, while a dash means that you are not infected.