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Herpes Rapid Test

A rapid herpes test is safe and reliable test, providing you with the result of your infection status in a matter of minutes. This test is done simply by taking a blood sample from your finger which is then dropped on a test cassette. A negative result means that you are not infected, while a positive result means that you should seek a medical advice to consult you about treatment.

STD infections in many cases show no symptoms and are often experienced differently for each person. If you are worried that you could have the infection, the only way to be sure is to test yourself. Even without any symptoms STDs can cause irreversible damage to your bodily functions and spread throughout your body. STDs are very common among young adults and remarkably many people have no idea that they carry the disease. This can easily be prevented with regular testing, either at the hospital or your GP.

Why should you buy a rapid test for herpes?

Herpes is a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease. It is characterized by episode outbreaks of small painful lumps on the lip or abdomen. These outbreaks are caused by the herpes virus, which infects through direct or indirect contact between skin, mucous membranes, or unprotected sex. There are several types of this virus, of which two are the most common:

  • Herpes Simplex Type 1
  • Herpes Simplex Type 2

Herpes Type 1 (HSV-1)

Herpes Type 1 usually infects the area around the mouth. It is estimated that around 70-90 percent of the population is infected with this virus at any given time. It usually gives outbreaks of painful blisters around the mouth, and these episodes are considered milder, more short-lived and less frequent than the disease image seen in the other herpes type.

Herpes Type 2 (HSV-2)

Herpes type 2 affects less than 10 percent of the population, and usually spreads in the area around the genitals, in the form of genital herpes. This form of disease causes more frequent and more dramatic outbreaks, and may in some cases be very difficult to treat. There is also no routine to test for herpes in the primary health service. However, it is possible to prevent outbreaks with a special ointment. In such cases, a rapid test for herpes type 2 might be useful as it gives you the opportunity to diagnose the disease early and start treatment on time.

What is included in the Herpes Rapid Test kit?

Herpes Rapid Test contains everything you need to test yourself for genital herpes. The package contains:

  • 1 pc. Test Kit for Herpes Simplex Type 2 IgM/IgG
  • 1 pc. Lancet
  • 1 pc. Container with buffer solution
  • 1 pc. Instruction
  • Interpretation of results

Herpes Rapid Test is very accurate as it has an accuracy of 98 percent. This is assuming that you do the test approximately 3 weeks after the expected time of infection, and that you perform such test in accordance with the instruction provided.