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Ovulation Test Strips

Pregnancy is considered a miracle, but there are several issues that a couple may face when it comes to starting a family. While both men and women can develop issues with their fertility, ultimately having an impact on their chances of a successful pregnancy, we want to focus on women in particular here. Ovulation is a normal process that occurs every month – understanding what this process consists of and why ovulation testing is important for pregnancy can help a woman better understand when the best time would be if they are trying to get pregnant.

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What Is Ovulation?

Ovulation is a natural process that occurs during a monthly menstruation cycle. This process usually occurs around 14 days prior to a woman having her period. The process of ovulation includes the release of an ovum, also known as an egg. The egg is released from the ovary. There are times where multiple eggs may be released during ovulation. The egg then enters the fallopian tubes and travels to the womb or the uterus.

Ovulation plays a role in pregnancy. While the egg is in the fallopian tubes, the chances of pregnancy are at the highest. This is considered the most ideal time for a couple to try for pregnancy, as live sperm in the fallopian tubes during the transport of the egg can help to increase the chances of successful conception.

Why Get Tested For Ovulation?

Ovulation testing is considered one of the various ways for determining when the most appropriate time would be for a couple to initiate in sexual intercourse, or for other procedures to be followed, with the goal of conception.

The purpose of an ovulation test is to provide an indication of hormonal changes that occur when a woman goes through her monthly menstrual cycle. The detection of these changes in hormone levels provide an indication of when ovulation may start.

When a woman knows when she is likely to ovulate – which would be when the egg is released – it is easier to plan for pregnancy. There is a period of 24 hours following ovulation during which the egg can be fertilized. Live sperm can survive in the reproductive tract of the female body for up to seven days. Thus, sexual intercourse should be initiated as soon as signs of ovulation is detected.

Generally, however, the peak time of fertility is considered five days prior to the day at which the woman will ovulate.

Ovulation is a process that ensures an egg is released from a woman’s ovary. Ovulation testing can provide a woman with an indication of when she would have the best chances of becoming pregnant. This type of test is considered exceptionally helpful for couples who are trying to start a family, and several types of kits are available.