Personal Alarm Device


Fend off attackers with a personal alarm device. Most attackers hate attention, and what better way than having an alarm with high frequency sound, strobe light in the eyes and 130 dB alerting all nearby surroundings? Can also be used in other situation as an alert alarm, elderly alarm etc.

 Stay Safe  130 dB  CE/UK Approved  Small & Powerful

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Personal Alarm Device

  • includes batteries
  • 130 dB
  • CE/UK approved

The personal alarm device is perfect for everyone that wants to stay safe. One click is all you need to get 130 dB screaming “help” for you.

The alarm is a perfect fit for elderly, women that wants an extra layer of safety against rape attacks, and everyone else that have the need, f.ex violent attacks, burglaries etc.

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Personal alarm device w/keyring

The personal alarm keyring device also gives out a high frequency 130 dB sound. This unrevealing design is not intrusive, but don’t be fooled by the looks. This high frequency device will scare of most attackers. The alarm can be attached to a keyring, but can easily fit in a purse or pocket. CE approved.