STD Test 4-in-1 Screening


This STD Screening Kit give you an effective 3-in-1 solution for some of the most common STD’s: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes and Syphilis*.  Discount is already applied. Included:

  • 1x Chlamydia Test
  • 1x Syphilis Test
  • 1x Gonorrhea Test
  • 1x Herpes Test

* CE-approved and quality tested professional STD test kits for home use.

STD 4-in-1 Screening Test Kit

This is the most effective selection that can detect the most common STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). We are the only online webshop that can provide low-cost, CE-approved  home tests, with proven reliability.

STD Test Kit
This is the most effective selection that can detect the most common STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). We pride ourselves on stocking only the very highest quality products. This, in turn, makes our bundle one of the best choices for all of your STD testing needs. We stock tests made specifically for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Genital Herpes and Syphilis. Our support team are on hand to help you make the right decision for all of your STD testing needs. Why waste money on tests that are not going to be effective?.Read more

STD infections can be with or without any symptoms, often experienced differently for every individual. If you are worried that you have an infection, the only way to be sure is to test yourself. Even with no symptoms, infectious disease can do irreversible damage to your bodily functions and spread throughout your body.

STD’s are very common among the general population and a significant part of the infected are not even aware that they carry the disease. This can easily be prevented with regular testing, either at home, at the hospital or your GP. The disadvantage with testing yourself at the hospital or a clinic, is that the test-results need to be considered by a lab-technician specialized in sample readings. The waiting period is usually weeks or months. That’s why we provide STD tests for home use. Our popular tests are reliable, quality assured and approved for personal use.

All major sexually transmitted diseases covered

  • 1x Chlamydia Test
  • 1x Gonorrhea Test
  • 1x Herpes Test
  • 1x Syphilis Test

Chlamydia Rapid Test

The Chlamydia Rapid Test is suitable for private screening. The test detects if you are infected with Chlamydia trachomatis – the bacteria that causes the disease Chlamydia.

Chlamydia is one of the most common STD’s, especially among young adults. It is a rather insidious disease because the symptoms appear for only 20% of those infected. However, this does not make chlamydia any less dangerous. In some cases, it can result in infertility, if one waits too long before getting the right treatment. It is therefore very important to detect the infection on time using a secure and quality assured chlamydia test.

  • 1 Test Cassette for Chlamydia
  • 1  Sample Tube
  • 2 Containers of Buffer Solution (A+B)
  • 1 Alcohol Swab
  • 1 Instructions for Use

Gonorrhea Rapid Test

The Gonorrhea Rapid Test is very effective and provides you with results within a short time – only a few minutes. The test detects if you are infected with the highly infectious bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

Gonorrhea (gonococcal infection) might not be as common as chlamydia, yet it can be equally as dangerous. It frequently occurs among homosexual males, or heterosexual individuals who have unprotected sex with persons outside of Europe. In most cases, gonorrhea causes clear symptoms for men, but more than a half of all infected women experience no symptoms at all.

A gonococcal infection might cause some serious complications, such as infertility or chronic pelvic inflammation, if not detected and treated in time.

  • 1 Test Cassette for Gonorrhea
  • 1 Sample Tube
  • 2 Containers with Buffer Solution (A+B)
  • 1 Alcohol Swab
  • 1 Instructions for Use

Herpes Rapid Test

Herpes test for home use is perfect for private home testing. It tests for IgM antibodies caused by the Herpes Virus. There are two types of Antibodies: – IgM – produced within a couple of days, but disappears when active infection is away – IgA appears after 3-6 weeks and never goes away. Approximately 70 percent of the population has IgG antibodies, and never any active infection – before they get really sick from something else (like old age). So IgM is more sensible to test for.

  • 1 pc. Test Kit for Herpes Simplex Type 2 IgM/IgG
  • 1 pc. Lancet
  • 1 pc. Container with buffer solution
  • 1 pc. Instruction
  • 1 pc. How to read results

Syphilis Rapid Test

Syphilis Rapid Test from RightSign is as reliable and accurate as the test you would take at the hospital. Yet it also offers a huge advantage of taking the test privately and very quickly.

It is important that people from risk groups test themselves regularly, as the disease does not always show any symptoms.

A significant proportion of those infected do not experience symptoms at all, and therefore it is important to detect and treat syphilis in time, before the infection causes serious and irreversible damage. However, if you have clear suspicion or clear symptoms of syphilis, you should immediately contact your doctor instead of taking the test.

Test Kit Contents

Syphilis Rapid Test contains everything you need to test yourself for syphilis:

  • 1 Test Cassette
  • 1 Lancet
  • 1 Container of Buffer Solution

Interpretation of test results

European directives authorize the use of rapid test for syphilis, but we also recommend you to discuss the result with licensed health care professional. A certain amount of time needs to pass before the level of antibodies against syphilis is high enough to be detected by a syphilis test. It has been estimated that a rapid test is 80 percent reliable after three weeks of infection and 100 percent reliable after three months. That is a general rule for both hospitals and rapid testing.

Note that chlamydia and gonorrhea can separately infect vagina, urethra of the penis, throat and anus. It is therefore important to get tested for these infections in all relevant areas of the body.