Warm & Cool Condoms


Pick Warm&Cool Condoms For Thrilling Sensations and Pleasure. If you are looking to spice things up a bit, check out the Warm&Cool condoms. These condoms are designed for ultimate excitement and passion. They give a thrilling pleasure and sensation.

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How Can They Enhance Sex Life?

The Warm&Cool condoms give tingling and warm sensations to both you and your partner. The condom is coated with dual-action lubricant on both the outside and inside of the condom. The lubricant is the one that gives that warm and tingling sensation. The warm feeling will remind you of fire, of something hot. While the cold sensation reminds of ice, or something hat calms down the fire burning inside.

This is one of those condoms you should use if you want to experiment in the bedroom. The sensations never get old.  This type of condom is much thicker than ultra-thin condoms. But, it compensates with the unusual tingling sensations and excitement you will feel during intercourse.

The condom has a reservoir on the top. It adds an additional room to the tip. This makes it incredibly comfortable to use.

Why Buy It?

Warm&Cool condoms provide the ideal sexual and oomph experience. The size and design of the condom are extra comfortable. Its unique feature is the one that sets it apart from the rest of the condoms on the market.  It is something you probably never tried before.

It is something you would want to try if you want to have a more fun experience. But, these features don’t make the condom less safe to use. On the contrary, they are safe to use. They provide extra safety from STIs and unwanted pregnancies. All the condoms are dermatologically tested to ensure durability, strength, and reliability.