Here Is Everything That Allergy Sufferers Need to Know as to How to Protect Themselves from The Dangerous COVID-19

Here Is Everything That Allergy Sufferers Need to Know as to How to Protect Themselves from The Dangerous COVID-19 Image

Since the initial coronavirus outbreak that happened in early December 2019, we have been faced with this dangerous virus that keeps spreading and killing more people each day. What is even more frightening about it is the fact that researchers and doctors know very little about this virus to start with. Luckily, they keep learning … Read more

IgE Blood Test– Why Test For This?

IgE Blood Test– Why Test For This? Image

Often, our doctors order different blood tests that we do not understand. That is why today, we chose to discuss one blood test that is commonly ordered. In the following article, we will discuss all of the basic information that you need to know about an IgE blood test. What is an IgE blood test? … Read more

Dust mite allergy

Dust mites are a very small, microscopic organism that cannot be seen with the naked eye. They have a close genetical relationship with the arthropods, spiders and ticks. These small creatures roam in virtually every corner in the world except in Antarctica. They prefer to live in warm and humid conditions and are always found … Read more

Living with allergy

When the immune system reacts to the presence of a foreign substance in the body, it is called an allergic response. A substance such as pollen grains from plants, bee venom, or even food substances that others may not react to can cause allergies. The body fights off foreign substances by producing antibodies. During allergic … Read more

What is an allergy?

When the body detects a foreign substance, it triggers the immune system to produce antibodies that fight off foreign substances. This is called an allergic reaction. Allergies occur as a result of our immune system reacting to foreign species. Examples of these foreign substances are pollen grains from flowers, bee venom, dust mites, food substances, … Read more

When you have an allergy: tips and tricks

You must have heard someone complaining that they are “allergic” to one thing or the other. You probably must have seen a person reacting badly after tasting peanuts and you wonder why. An allergy can simply be defined as the reaction of your immune system to foreign substances. Examples of these substances are pollen, bee … Read more