Trichomonas Prevalence in Africa and How STDs Kits Can Help to Reduce Numbers

Trichomonas or commonly referred to as “trich,” is a serious problem for all low-income regions, particularly in African countries. There are more than 180 million STD cases reported globally, and most of them are in Africa. 

Trich in Africa’s developing countries has a prevalence rate of 5% that can often go as high as 37%. Records show that those infected who fail to get treated are at risk of developing HIV. This is a serious concern for the region since more than 7.9 million people already living with HIV. Trichomonas Is a Serious Problem in Africa, STD Test Kits Can Help Change That

What Is Trichomonas?

Trich is a parasite that can easily attach itself to surfaces and various cells to damage the tissues and make the body more vulnerable to other more serious diseases, like HIV. This parasite is very small, but it can have a huge impact on the overall health. Once it attaches to a certain cell, it can start to feed off its nutrients and live off the body.

The parasite first infects the lower genital tract, including the cervix, vagina, and vulva. In men, it can infect the tubes and urethra. When an infected individual has intercourse, they can unknowingly pass the parasite to their partner. 

What Are the Symptoms?

Very few people report having Trich. This STD is one of the most misunderstood and underreported diseases in Africa, mainly because of its asymptomatic nature. Around 70% of those infected develop no signs of the disease. If symptoms do appear, they are more evident in women than men. 

In female patients, the common symptoms of trich include:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal discharge with a foul smell
  • Discharge in frothy green color
  • Irritation in the vagina
  • Pain when urinating

It’s also possible to spot a physical appearance change of the vagina that reminds of a strawberry – red and inflamed. This physical symptom of trichomonas is only present in 10% of the women infected.

The Stigma of STDs

Countless people in Africa are clueless; they carry the infection or simply don’t want to get tested. The main reason being the stigma. Any STD, including trichomonas in Africa, is a serious problem to talk about. People are afraid to express openly they carry an STD and prefer not to speak freely about it. 

In Ghana, for example, records show that if you do speak out about carrying an STD, like trich, you risk getting marked by society. You will most likely get kicked out of the village or left out by the family. As a result, those infected, particularly women, prefer to stay silent even if they recognize the symptoms. 

This type of stigma was created out of fear of STD viruses and viruses in general. Many people are uneducated on these diseases and are afraid they will affect their mobility, quality of life, and energy. People feat that the moment they come in contact with an infected individual, they will get the parasite. They don’t want to be bedridden or unable to bring food to the table if they get infected. 

As a result, they would often discriminate against anyone who carries STDs instead of encouraging them to get tested. 

How Can STD Kits Help with Trichomonas in Africa? 

Those who fail to treat trichomonas are at high risk of developing HIV. Here is how STD test kits can help the African population. Early detection is crucial for successfully eliminating diseases such as Trichomonas. But, for that to be possible, people need to get screened very often. Otherwise, it will become more difficult to prevent the negative outcomes of STDs, particularly Trich.

STD kits, like Ghana Medicals Private Test Kits, for example, are meant to revamp the typical screening methods with a more approachable method for the African population. They are discreet, practical, convenient, and easy to use — no need for face-to-face communication since you can test yourself at home. 

You can do a private test for any STD, including Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Herpes. If you are afraid, you might be infected with Trichomonas or any of these diseases but have no idea which one, you can also go for an STD 4-in-1 Test Kit. That way, you won’t have to buy a separate test kit to check just for one disease. 

What Are the Benefits of STD Kits?

STD test kits are designed for practical use, mainly in developing countries. Since it’s difficult for both men and women to talk about STDs, particularly in the African region openly, it was necessary to create discrete testing kits that will make testing more accessible to the general population. 

These kits are designed for women and men that are 18 or older. You can use them to screen for the most prevalent STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and Trichomonas. A simple urine sample is all it takes to know if you carry the infection or not. 

With STD kits you can:

  • Get tested anywhere at anytime
  • Keep the results private since the testing kit is discrete
  • Spot the infection before it manifests into a serious disease
  • Get tested right after getting exposed to the disease
  • Get tested after receiving treatment to make sure the infection hasn’t reappeared.

If more people use STD kits, such as these, it will be much easier for them to spot the infection on time and stop the spread of the disease. In the long run, these kits can help reduce the number of people infected in the region.

Final Thoughts

For people in Africa, having easy and quick access to STD testing kits can make all the difference. They can use an STD kit to evaluate their health without worrying if someone will learn of their situation. With a discrete option such as this one, more people can get tested and receive proper treatment. With on-time antibiotics and proper medications, it’s easy to stop the spread of the Trichomonas disease.